Materials Science and Technology of Polymers

Titles for additional assignments are listed below:

1. Unraveling the Impact of Nanoscale Environment on Reactivity in Vesicle Confinement
2. Polymer Vesicles as Nanoscale Reactors: Fabrication and Reactivity in Encapsulated Volumes
3. Nanoscale Surface Functionalization by Scanning Probe Lithography
4. Fabrication of Organometallic Capsules with Redox-Controlled Permeability
5. Functional Nanopatterns by Self-Assembly of Organometallic Polymers
6. Thermo-Responsible Single Chain Platforms of Bionanotechnology
7. Temperature-Responsive Molecular Motors
8. Template-Ppolymer interactions and Preferential Wetting of Black Copolymer with Dynamic Mass Spectroscopy
9. Single Molecule Emitters and Photonic Decay Engineering

Prof. Julius Vancso