Materials Science and Technology of Polymers

Publications in 1994

Journal articles:

Foucher, D.; Ziembinski, R.; Petersen, R.; Pudelski, J.; Edwards, M.; Ni, Y. Z.; Massey, J.; Jaeger, C. R.; Vancso, G. J.; Manners, I.  Synthesis, characterization, and properties of high-molecular-weight unsymmetrically substituted poly(ferrocenylsilanes)  Macromolecules  27 3992-3999 (1994)

Glomm, B. H.; Grob, M. C.; Neuenschwander, P.; Suter, U. W.; Snetivy, D.; Vancso, G. J.  Characterization of fibers from poly-(2-fluorophenylene-2-fluoroterephthalamide) by a combination of waxd and AFM studies  Polymer  35 878-881 (1994)

Vancso, G. J.; Nisman, R.; Snetivy, D.; Schonherr, H.; Smith, P.; Ng, C.; Yang, H. F.  Morphological-studies of ordered, solid polymers by scanning force microscopy  Colloid Surf. A-Physicochem. Eng. Asp.  87 263-275 (1994)

Yang, J. A.; Chaffey, C. E.; Vancso, J.  Structure, transitions, and mechanical-properties of polypropylene oriented by roll-drawing  Plast. Rubber Compos. Process. Appl.  21 201-210 (1994)

Liu, G.; Vancso, G. J.  Melt viscosity of poly(diethylene-glycol-co-succinic acid) - molar-mass dependence in the nonentangled regime  J. Appl. Polym. Sci.  51 1991-1999 (1994)

Nisman, R.; Smith, P.; Vancso, G. J.  Anisotropic friction at the surface of lamellar crystals of poly(oxymethylene) by lateral force microscopy  Langmuir  10 1667-1669 (1994)

Smith, P. F.; Nisman, R.; Ng, C.; Vancso, G. J.  Anisotropic friction on lamellar crystals of polyethylene by lateral force microscopy  Polym. Bull.  33 459-464 (1994)

Snetivy, D.; Vancso, G. J.  AFM studies of macromolecules in extended-chain crystals of polymers  Colloid Surf. A-Physicochem. Eng. Asp.  87 257-262 (1994)

Snetivy, D.; Yang, H. F.; Glomm, B.; Vancso, G. J.  Short-range order in extended-chain crystals of polyoxymethylene from a true molecular perspective - an atomic-force microscopy study  J. Mater. Chem.  4 55-59 (1994)

Snetivy, D.; Vancso, G. J.  Atomic-force microscopy of polymer crystals .7. Chain packing, disorder and imaging of methyl-groups in oriented isotactic polypropylene  Polymer  35 461-467 (1994)

Tan, Z. J.; Jaeger, R.; Vancso, G. J.  Cross-linking studies of poly(dimethylsiloxane) networks - a comparison of inverse gas-chromatography, swelling experiments and mechanical analysis  Polymer  35 3230-3236 (1994)

Book chapters:

Rutledge, G. C.; Snetivy, D.; Vancso, G. J.  Studies of high performance fibers by atomic force microscopy and molecular simulation  Atomic Force Microscopy/Scanning Tunneling Microscopy 251-263  Ed.: Cohen, S. H.; Bray, M. T.; Lightbody M. L. Pub.: Plenum Press, New York, USA  (1994)

Conference proceedings:

Vancso, G. J.; Tan, Z. J.  Studies of molecular-interactions in metal-ion containing polyesters by IGC and by measurements of the pressure-volume-temperature behavior  Polym. Mat.: Sci. Eng. 218 (1994)

Tan, Z. J.; Vancso, G. J.  Thermodynamic interactions in polymers with different polarity by IGC  Polym. Mat.: Sci. Eng. 219 (1994)