Materials Science and Technology of Polymers

Publications in 1995

Journal articles:

Foucher, D. A.; Lough, A. J.; Manners, I.; Rasburn, J.; Vancso, J. G.  The first unsymmetrically substituted ring-tilted silicon-bridged [1]ferrocenophane  Acta Crystallogr. Sect. C-Cryst. Struct. Commun.  51 580-582 (1995)

Vancso, G. J.; Tan, Z. J.  Solvent clustering, polar network density, and thermodynamic interactions in coordination polymers: an inverse gas chromatography study of metal-ion-containing polyesters of poly(diethylene glycol-co-succinic acid)  Can. J. Chem.-Rev. Can. Chim.  73 1855-1861 (1995)

Jaeger, R.; Lagowski, J. B.; Manners, I.; Vancso, G. J.  Ab-initio studies on the structure, conformation, and chain flexibility of halogenated poly(thionylphosphazenes)  Macromolecules  28 539-546 (1995)

Lagowski, J. B.; Jaeger, R.; Manners, I.; Vancso, G. J.  Ab-initio study of the structure of poly[di(phenoxy)thionylphosphazene]  Theochem-J. Mol. Struct.  339 169-177 (1995)

Rasburn, J.; Petersen, R.; Jahr, T.; Rulkens, R.; Manners, I.; Vancso, G. J.  Solid-state synthesis and morphology of poly(ferrocenyldimethylsilane)  Chem. Mat.  7 871-877 (1995)

Schonherr, H.; Vancso, G. J.; Argon, A. S.  The structure of highly textured quasi-single-crystalline high- density polyethylene probed by atomic-force microscopy and small-angle X-ray-scattering  Polymer  36 2115-2121 (1995)

Conference proceedings:

Argon, A. S.; Lin, L.; Vancso, G. J.  The rate mechanism of plasticity by chain slip in the crystalline component of Nylon 6  Micromechanics of Advanced Materials 283-287 (1995)