Materials Science and Technology of Polymers

Publications in 1998

Journal articles:

Chechik, V.; Schonherr, H.; Vancso, G. J.; Stirling, C. J. M.  Self-assembled monolayers of branched thiols and disulfides on gold: surface coverage, order and chain orientation  Langmuir  14 3003-3010 (1998)

Hempenius, M. A.; Lammertink, R. G. H.; Vancso, G. J.  Crystallization and melting behaviour of poly(ferrocenylsilanes)  Macromol. Symp.  127 161-163 (1998)

Trifonova, D.; Varga, J.; Vancso, G. J.  AFM study of lamellar thickness distributions in high temperature melt-crystallization of beta-polypropylene  Polym. Bull.  41 341-348 (1998)

Jaeger, R.; Bergshoef, M. M.; Batlle, C. M. I.; Schonherr, H.; Vancso, G. J.  Electrospinning of ultra-thin polymer fibers  Macromol. Symp.  127 141-150 (1998)

Kenis, P. J. A.; Noordman, O. F. J.; Schonherr, H.; Kerver, E. G.; Snellink-Ruel, B. H. M.; VanHummel, G. J.; Harkema, S.; Vander Vorst, C. P. J. M.; Hare, J.; Picken, S. J.; Engbersen, J. F. J.; Van Hulst, N. F.; Vancso, G. J.; Reinhoudt, D. N.  Supramolecular materials: molecular packing of tetranitrotetrapropoxycalix[4]arene in highly stable films with second-order nonlinear optical properties  Chem.-Eur. J.  4 1225-1234 (1998)

Lammertink, R. G. H.; Hempenius, M. A.; Vancso, G. J.  Crystallization kinetics and morphology of poly(ferrocenyldimethylsilane)  Macromol. Chem. Phys.  199 2141-2145 (1998)

Lammertink, R. G. H.; Versteeg, D. J.; Hempenius, M. A.; Vancso, G. J.  Morphology control of organometallic domains in phase-separated poly(styrene-black-ferrocenyldimethylsilanes)  J. Polym. Sci. Pol. Chem.  36 2147-2150 (1998)

Lammertink, R. G. H.; Hempenius, M. A.; Manners, I.; Vancso, G. J.  Crystallization and melting behavior of poly(ferrocenyldimethylsilanes) obtained by anionic polymerization  Macromolecules  31 795-800 (1998)

Nelles, G.; Schonherr, H.; Vancso, G. J.; Butt, H. J.  Monolayers of asymmetrical diethylalkanoat disulfides on gold(111): the influence of chain length difference on atomic force microscope images  Appl. Phys. A-Mater. Sci. Process.  66 S1261-S1266 (1998)

Pearce, R.; Vancso, G. J.  Frictional anisotropy and sectorization in poly(4-methyl-1-pentene) lamellar crystals studied by lateral force microscopy  Polymer  39 6743-6746 (1998)

Pearce, R.; Vancso, G. J.  Observations of crystallization and melting in poly(ethyleneoxide)/poly(methylmethacrylate) blends by hot- stage atomic-force microscopy  J. Polym. Sci. Pt. B-Polym. Phys.  36 2643-2651 (1998)

Pearce, R.; Vancso, G. J.  Real-time imaging of melting and crystallization in poly(ethylene oxide) by atomic force microscopy  Polymer  39 1237-1242 (1998)

Pickering, J. P.; Vancso, G. J.  Apparent contrast reversal in tapping mode atomic force microscope images on films of polystyrene-b-polyisoprene-b- polystyrene  Polym. Bull.  40 549-554 (1998)

Rasburn, J.; Foucher, D. A.; Reynolds, W. F.; Manners, I.; Vancso, G. J.  Solid state polymerization of the unsymmetrical [1]ferrocenophane Fe(eta-C5H4)(2)SiMePh; synthesis of the first stereoregular organometallic polymer  Chem. Commun.  843-844 (1998)

Schonherr, H.; Vancso, G. J.  Surface properties of oxidized LDPE by scanning force microscopy with chemically modified probes  J. Polym. Sci. Pt. B-Polym. Phys.  36 2483-2492 (1998)

Schonherr, H.; Vancso, G. J.  The mechanism of PTFE and PE friction deposition: a combined scanning electron and scanning force microscopy study on highly oriented polymeric sliders  Polymer  39 5705-5709 (1998)

Schonherr, H.; Hruska, Z.; Vancso, G. J.  Surface characterization of oxyfluorinated isotactic polypropylene films: scanning force microscopy with chemically modified probes and contact angle measurements  Macromolecules  31 3679-3685 (1998)

Schonherr, H.; Kenis, P. J. A.; Engbersen, J. F. J.; Harkema, S.; Hulst, R.; Reinhoudt, D. N.; Vancso, G. J.  Scanning force microscopy studies on molecular packing and friction anisotropy in thin films of tetranitrotetrapropoxycalix[4]arene  Langmuir  14 2801-2809 (1998)

Book chapters:

Vancso, G. J.; Schonherr, H.; Snetivy, D.  Morphology, chain packing, and conformation in uniaxially oriented polymers studied by scanning force microscopy  ACS Symposium Series: Scanning Probe Microscopy of Polymers 67-93  Ed.: Ratner, B. D.; Tsukruk, V. V. Pub.: American Chemical Society, Washington, DC, USA  (1998)

Conference proceedings:

Vancso, G. J.; Schonherr, H.  Molecular alignment and nanotribology of polymeric solids by lateral force microscopy  Polym. Prep. 39 1237-1238 (1998)

Schonherr, H.; Vancso, G. J.  Lattice orientation and tribology of sams of fluorinated thiols and disulfides on Au(111) by AFM: the influence of the molecular structure  Polym. Prep. 39 904-905 (1998)

Schonherr, H.; Vancso, G. J.  On some properties of surface-modified polymers by scanning force microscopy using chemically modified probes  Polym. Prep. 39 1177-1178 (1998)