Materials Science and Technology of Polymers

Publications in 2012

Journal articles:

Bagdi, K., Molnár, K., Kállay, M., Schön, P., Vancso, J.G., Pukánszky, B.
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Benetti, E.M., Causin, V., Maggini, M.
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Embrechts, A., Schönherr, H., Vancso, G.J.
Forced Unbinding of Individual Urea – Aminotriazine Supramolecular Polymers by Atomic Force Microscopy: A Closer Look at the Potential Energy Landscape and Binding Lengths at Fixed Loading Rates, Journ. Phys. Chem. B., 116, 565 – 570 (2012)

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Jańczewski, D., Song, J., Csányi, E., Kiss, L., Blazsó, P., Katona, R.L., Deli, M.A., Gros, G., Xu, J., Vancso, G.J.
Organometallic polymeric carriers for redox triggered release of molecular payloads, J. Mat. Chem., 22, 6429-6435 (2012)

Kooij, E.S., Sui, X., Hempenius, M.A., Zandvliet, H.J.W., Vancso, G.J.
Probing the thermal collapse of poly(n -isopropylacrylamide) grafts by quantitative in situ ellipsometry,. Phys. Chem. B., 116, 9261 – 9268 (2012)

Klein Gunnewiek, M., Di Luca, A., Sui, X., Van Blitterswijk, C.A., Moroni, L., Vancso, G.J.
Controlled surface initiated polymerization of N-isopropylacrylamide from polycaprolactone substrates for regulating cell attachment and detachment, Israel J. Chem., 52, 339-346 (2012)

Kocijan, A., Conradi, M., Schön, P.M.
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Nanomechanical properties of polymer brushes by colloidal AFM probes, Eur. Pol. J., 48, 8 – 15 (2012)

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Is there a molecular signature of the LCST of single PNIPAM chains as measured by AFM force spectroscopy? Chem. Phys. Let., 535, 126-130 (2012)

Santonicola, M., Memesa, M., Meszyńska, A., Ma, Y., Vancso, G.J.
Surface-grafted zwitterionic polymers as platforms for functional supported phospholipid membranes, Soft Matter, 8, 1556-1562 (2012)

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Redox-active Crosslinkable Poly(ionic liquid)s, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 134, pp. 4023-4025 (2012)

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Zwijnenberg, H.J., Dutczak, S.M., Boerrigter, M.E., Hempenius, M.A., Luiten-Olieman, M.W.J., Benes, N.E., Wessling, M., Stamatialis, D.
Important factors influencing molecular weight cut-off determination of membranes in organic solvents, J. Membr. Sci., 390-391, 211-217 (2012)