Materials Science and Technology of Polymers

Publications in 1999

Journal articles:

Bergshoef, M. M.; Vancso, G. J.  Transparent nanocomposites with ultrathin, electrospun Nylon-4,6 fiber reinforcement  Adv. Mater.  11 1362-1365 (1999)

Trifonova-Van Haeringen, D.; Schonherr, H.; Vancso, G. J.; Van der Does, L.; Noordermeer, J. W. M.; Janssen, P. J. P.  Atomic force microscopy of elastomers: morphology, distribution of filler particles, and adhesion using chemically modified tips  Rubber Chem. Technol.  72 862-875 (1999)

Van Os, M. T.; Menges, B.; Foerch, R.; Vancso, G. J.; Knoll, W.  Characterization of plasma-polymerized allylamine using waveguide mode spectroscopy  Chem. Mat.  11 3252-3257 (1999)

Vancso, G. J.; Beekmans, L. G. M.; Pearce, R.; Trifonova, D.; Varga, J.  From microns to nanometers: morphology development in semicrystalline polymers by scanning force microscopy  J. Macromol. Sci.-Phys.  491-503 (1999)

Huisman, B. H.; Schonherr, H.; Huck, W. T. S.; Friggeri, A.; Van Manen, H. J.; Menozzi, E.; Vancso, G. J.; Van Veggel, F. C. J. M.; Reinhoudt, D. N.  Surface-confined metallodendrimers: isolated nanosize molecules  Angew. Chem.-Int. Edit.  38 2248-2251 (1999)

Jaeger, R.; Debowski, M.; Manners, I.; Vancso, G. J.  Study of the molecular geometry, electronic structure, and thermal stability of phosphazene and heterophosphazene rings with ab initio molecular orbital calculations  Inorg. Chem.  38 1153-1159 (1999)

Jenkins, A. T. A.; Boden, N.; Bushby, R. J.; Evans, S. D.; Knowles, P. F.; Miles, R. E.; Ogier, S. D.; Schonherr, H.; Vancso, G. J.  Microcontact printing of lipophilic self-assembled monolayers for the attachment of biomimetic lipid bilayers to surfaces  J. Am. Chem. Soc.  121 5274-5280 (1999)

Jones, R. A. L.; Lehnert, R. J.; Schonherr, H.; Vancso, J.  Factors affecting the preparation of permanently end-grafted polystyrene layers  Polymer  40 525-530 (1999)

Kumar, S.; Manickam, M.; Balagurusamy, V. S. K.; Schonherr, H.  Electrophilic aromatic substitution in triphenylene discotics: synthesis of alkoxynitrotriphenylenes  Liq. Cryst.  26 1455-1466 (1999)

Kumar, S.; Manickam, M.; Schonherr, H.  First examples of functionalized triphenylene discotic dimers: molecular engineering of advanced materials  Liq. Cryst.  26 1567-1571 (1999)

Lammertink, R. G. H.; Hempenius, M. A.; Thomas, E. L.; Vancso, G. J.  Periodic organic-organometallic microdomain structures in poly(styrene-block-ferrocenyldimethylsilane) copolymers and blends with corresponding homopolymers  J. Polym. Sci. Pt. B-Polym. Phys.  37 1009-1021 (1999)

Peter, M.; Lammertink, R. G. H.; Hempenius, M. A.; van Os, M.; Beulen, M. W. J.; Reinhoudt, D. N.; Knoll, W.; Vancso, G. J.  Synthesis, characterization and thin film formation of end- functionalized organometallic polymers  Chem. Commun.  359-360 (1999)

Pickering, J. P.; Vancso, G. J.  On the formation of oriented nanometer scale patterns on amorphous polymer surfaces studied by atomic force microscopy  Appl. Surf. Sci.  148 147-154 (1999)

Schonherr, H.; Vancso, G. J.  Tribological properties of self-assembled monolayers of fluorocarbon and hydrocarbon thiols and disulfides on Au(111) studied by scanning force microscopy  Mater. Sci. Eng. C-Biomimetic Supramol. Syst.  37842 243-249 (1999)

Schonherr, H.; Vancso, G. J.; Huisman, B. H.; Van Veggel, F. C. J. M.; Reinhoudt, D. N.  Lattice structure of self-assembled monolayers of dialkyl sulfides and calix[4]arene sulfide adsorbates on Au(111) revealed by atomic force microscopy  Langmuir  15 5541-5546 (1999)

Conference proceedings:

Beekmans, L. G. M.; Vancso, G. J.  Real-time crystallization of poly(epsilon-caprolactone) studied by atomic force microscopy  Polym. Mat.: Sci. Eng. 81 260-261 (1999)

Vancso, G. J.; Beekmans, L. G. M.; Trifonova, D.; Varga, J.  Hedritic crystallization in polymers studied by atomic force microscopy  Polym. Mat.: Sci. Eng. 81 232-233 (1999)

Lammertink, R. G. H.; Hempenius, M. A.; Vancso, G. J.; Chan, V. Z. H.; Thomas, E. L.  Organometallic nanodomains from block copolymers for lithographic applications  Polym. Mat.: Sci. Eng. 81 232-233 (1999)

Pickering, J. P.; Van der Meer, D. W.; Vancso, G. J.  Effects of surface roughness and humidity on the adhesion hysteresis of polydimethylsiloxane measured by an adhesion testing device  Polym. Mat.: Sci. Eng. 81 389-390 (1999)

Schonherr, H.; Hruska, Z.; Vancso, G. J.  Toward imaging of functional group distributions in surface-treated polymers by scanning force microscopy using functionalized tips  Polym. Mat.: Sci. Eng. 81 383-384 (1999)

Van Os, M. T.; Menges, B.; Forch, R.; Knoll, W.; Tiommons, R. B.; Vancso, G. J.  Thin film plasma deposition of allylamine; effects of solvent treatment  Mat. Res. Soc. Symp. Proc. 544 45-50 (1999)

Kramers-Pals, H.; Van den Berg, J. W. A.; Jaeger, C. R.; Vancso, G. J.  A project-oriented approach to teaching freshman materials science: learning scientific, communication and documentation skills  IcheaP4 Conference 359-365 (1999)