Materials Science and Technology of Polymers

Bachelor program in Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering is the best study for practical technicians with an interest in chemistry.
The development of new materials and processes has changed the world and will in the future change the world even further. As a chemical engineer you can be in the middle of developing biodegradable plastics, medicine which are only active at a specific place, materials for bullet-proof vests, efficient fuelcells and polymer displays. The smallest structures in micro laboratories (lab-on-a-chip) as well as the biggest reactors and destillation columns, they all are designed by chemical engineers. And this is just a small selection of the broad area chemical engineers are working in.

Eligible students need to have a talent for exact sciences and a broad interest. Creativity and curiosity are typical characteristics of a chemical engineer and besides this, you love the challenge of solving complex problems. These problems often occur in an international setting and demand cooperation with a lot of different disciplines. The variation in Chemical Engineering will surprise you.

Detailed information can be found on the university's website (in Dutch).

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