Materials Science and Technology of Polymers

Giorgos Kafkopoulos wins gold in the DPD poster award competition

DPD-2019 winners of Plenary Lecture / workshops & poster presentations


The 2019 Dutch Polymer Days (DPD) took place on 25-26 March 2019, as always, in Lunteren.

Giorgos Kafkoloulos, a PhD student of our group, won the first prize in the polymer technology competition with his poster “Surface-functionalized rough SiO2 nanoparticles as cell nucleating agents in semi-crystalline polymer foams” (G. Kafkopoulos, J. Duvigneau, J.G.P. Goossens, G.J. Vancso).



Giorgos is photographed on the left with the other prize winners of the DPD.