Materials Science and Technology of Polymers

Master program in Nanotechnology

Researchers and professors active in the fields of Applied Physics, Chemical Engineering and Electrical Engineering joined in to close the gap between scientific and technological progress and conventional disciplinary educational programs by setting up the interdisciplinary Master Program in Nanotechnology. Differences in background that you and the other applicants might have are not considered a problem, but an asset. The program offers you a problem-oriented approach with a personal coaching system (tutors) that ensures a proper connection between the Master and your background. Within this interdisciplinary program you will develop more competence and problem-solving skills compared to monodisciplinary, traditional expertise you would develop in any other Master program.

This program contains a strong research component and is set up to prepare you to continue your research at PhD level. You will learn to operate in a research environment, to set up, manage and perform research projects, including reporting and communicating the results. The program will provide you with an in-depth overview of the enabling technologies and the key aspects relevant for the field of nanotechnology.

All courses, study material and communication within the program are in English. Detailed information can be found on the university's website.

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