Materials Science and Technology of Polymers

Mastertrack Chemistry and Technology of Materials

Within the M. Sc. Chemical Engineering, MTP is involved in the mastertrack Chemistry and Technology of Materials. The focus of this mastertrack is on design, preparation, processing, application and analysis of novel materials with high tech properties.

This includes materials chemistry of polymers with defined molecular and mesoscopic structures, inorganic and organometallic polymers and the engineering and analysis of polymer surfaces and interfaces. Biocompatible and biodegradable polymers are investigated in tissue engineering as scaffolds for blood vessels and bone, and polymeric nanoparticles with surface-attached functionalities are studied as carriers for targeted drug or gene delivery. Also environmentally safe biodegradable polymers, various aspects of rubber technology and engineering polymers with excellent properties up to high temperatures are investigated.

In the area of inorganic materials topics are studied like metal/ceramic composites with special electrical properties, thin film technology and controlled preparation of (nano-sized) particles for porous membranes for liquid filtration, gas separation and catalysis. Molecular technology is developed in the controlled preparation of large, molecularly defined, organic assemblies (2D and 3D) via reversible interactions between the constituents with the aim to study such nanoparticles at the individual level, to manipulate their shape and functions, and to communicate with such assemblies. Modern techniques are developed in the mass spectrometric analysis of non-polar compounds, the enzyme-amplified lanthanide luminescence and in derivatization agents for environmental and biomedical analysis.

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