Materials Science and Technology of Polymers


Collaboration UTwente and
Collaboration of University of Twente and Singapore is the result of the efforts of Julius G. Vancso.
The University of Twente starts a collaboration with Singapore. This contract is the result of the long-term effor of Prof. Julius G. Vancso

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Smart Materials
Illuminated treatments
Embedding quantum dots into thermally reactive polymers allows traceable detection within living systems

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Janus Particles: Particles with two faces
Janus Particles with Controllable Patchiness and Their Chemical Functionalization and Supramolecular Assembly will be published soon.

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Advanced NanoProbing Highlight 2008
Partners in the flagship Advanced NanoProbing develop molecular functionalized probes for medical and biological applications. Read more ...
The mystery of small bubbles is becoming larger
At the Dutch Polymer Days 2009 AThe groups of Detlef Lohse and Julius Vancso published about super-stable small air bubbles in Physical Review Lettersnika Embrechts won the lecture Prize for Physics & Theory.

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Building Freestanding Bridges with Nanoparticles
Among 4 others MTP was chosen to receivNew method in building self assembling bridges of nanoparticles on 19th editon of SMALL

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