Materials Science and Technology of Polymers

Poster prize for Kaihuan Zhang at DPD 2014

Kaihuan Zhang won the posterprize at Dutch Polymer Days 2014 (Technology session) that took place in Lunteren, The Netherlands. The poster was entitled "Poly(ferrocenylsilane) based porous membrane and switching redox responsivity".

This poster introduces an porous polyelectrolyte membrane formed via electrostatic complexation between poly(ferrocenylsiliane) PFS-based poly(ionic liquid)s and organic acids. Coating this porous membrane onto the surface of an electrode or other substrates results in a switching surface with redox-responsiveness due to the redox activity and porous nature of the polymeric membrane. Redox induced changes on this membrane demonstrate reversible switching between open and closed porous structures. By taking advantage of the structure changes in oxidation and reduction states, the porous membrane exhibits reversible permeability control and shows great potential in selective filtration, catalysis, controlled release and other redox-responsive materials.